Owe It All To You

Your favorite fashion committee is back with there intrinsic opinions of the arts of fashion.  We need your support, so we will be willing to allow fans to display their photos on our website.  Team Swag is currently discussing a sweepstakes for the fan with the most comments.  Hope you enjoy and participate.

Team Swag 

To tribute the fans we have a special song on our ipod for their support.  Check It Out

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Photo Swag: 1st shoot as Team Swag

This shoot was involved as Team Swags first every photo shooting. We have had many shoots proceeding the current photo's available for your viewing. I would still have to say the photo above tends to be the most appealing. The props and all was orchestrated by Team Swag themselves. We attempting and willingly showing the media the all around creativity Team Swag has. Please stay tuned for more post.